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Home Life

Brent Brent's Family Morris Family Reunion 2006
Andrea Andrea's Family Trips to Arizona 2004 2005
James (standard poodle) Cats Gecko
Plants (flowers) Bugs Musical Instruments
Snow Feb 2003 Home [2004/05/08] iBook insides
Chevy Express 1500 Van [2004/07/31]
my Office Mitretek Picnic 2003 2004 2005


BikeDC 2002 Recumbents Bike-to-Work Day 2004
Vision R40 speedometer sensor mounting

Folk Festivals and Contra Dancing

Swallowtail at Old Songs 2002 (Altamont, NY)
Butterball 2002 Sycamore Island Contra 2003
Buffalo Gap American Dance Weekends, Capon Bridge, WV: 2002 2003
FSGW Chesapeake Dance Weekends at Camp Letts: 2003 2004 [2004/04/26]
NaBob's 50+50 April & Jerry's Wedding August 2004 at Camp Letts
FSGW Folk Festival 2006 [NEW Jun 2006]

Medieval/Renaissance Festivals

Capriccio Catch Club Maryland RenFest 2002 2005
Cuckold & Crow Consort Anon TomLori Singers Madrigale Jonathan Strumm Larksong
Chort's Pirate Feasts 2003 2005
SCA Pennsic Wars XXXIII (2004) XXXIV (2005) XXXV (2006) [NEW Aug 2006]
Midgard Hastings 2005

Ad Hoc Singers

Fall Concert 2002 Goodwin House 2003 Baby Shower 2003 Dominican Retreat Festival 2004
Year-End Parties: Lake Barcroft 2002 2003 2005 Occoquan River 2004
Nancy Mulenex's Memorial Service


FOSE Trade Show 2005 Trucks
Digi-Comp 1 computer
Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
Saralinda's Family D Glenn Arthur and Perrine
Melba Lacsa/Chris Simkins Wedding June 2004
Baitcon XXVII (2005)
Otsukimi (Harvest Moon) 2005

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