Please don't waste your time filling this out. There are no pages on this site where you can submit information. (Unless the site's been hacked. ☹)
If you have actually looked at this website, you have not found anything for sale. (When you compliment the site's appearance, I know you haven't looked at it.)
I do not have a business. I do not have a product; there's no merchandise or services. I do not need customers. I do not need bulk-mailing lists.
My site does not need traffic. I do not need to improve my search rankings. I am blocking most search engines. I do not want more traffic.
I have no reason to buy anything you're selling.
2020 Oct: If you submit this page, your IP address will be added to a block list for 1-2 weeks. (This was unintended, from anti-hacker blocking, but I decided not to fix it.)
2021 Jan: Don't tell me my domain registration is expiring, and I must send you money. (1) I know when my registrations expire. (2) You are not my registrar. (3) My registrar sends me email, and does not even know this page exists.

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This page is here because I don't want to leave an email address anyplace easy for spammers to harvest, but I do want site visitors to be able to contact me – make suggestions, complaints, whatever. All items are optional. (So there's no reason to enter false information like thisdomain@thisdomain for your email address.) Tell me whatever you want. If you want to hear back from me though, you must provide some way for me to contact you. An email address is preferred. A phone number will do too – local numbers (i.e. local to Washington, DC, USA) preferred. I'm really bad about physical mail (handling paper), so don't count on a reponse to a geographic address.

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