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The Early Music Show, 13:00-14:00, 28 January 2006 (Radio 3)
Lucie Skeaping visits The George Inn in Southwark to join a meeting of the
Merrie Fellowes Catch Club. She is joined by the club's chairman, Patrick Johns.
1/2 hour MP3 recording (about 3 mins news at opening)
(Please don't spread this around, as I'm sure there would be copyright issues.)

Sorry, but I got only half the program before I had a network error that broke the connection. And the sound quality is not very good, but that's due to the limited bandwidth the BBC has selected. The first song is about the worst for sound quality, so you might want to stick with it a bit. Supposedly, programs are available on the BBC site for a week after broadcast, but the "Listen Again" links don't take me to anything I have been able to listen to.

Google found another link to The Merrie Fellowes on Saturday 18 June 2005 with a playlist. This appears to be a rebroadcast of that show. (My mp3 file goes as far as Eccles' My man John.) [] marks album references — the program isn't entirely The Merrie Fellowes.
Henry PurcellNow, Now We Are Met
John IshamCelia learning on the spinnet [The City Waites]
AnonJenkin the Jester
John HiltonHere lies a woman
Henry LawesO Absalom my son
Henry PurcellA Farewell to wives (Once in our lives)
Henry PurcellIf all be true that I do think, there are five reasons why we should drink
Henry PurcellOnce, twice, thrice I Julia tried, the scornful puss as oft denied
Henry PurcellMy lady's coachman John, being married to her maid [The Merry Companions]
John EcclesMy man John had a thing that was long
Maurice GreeneI've lost my my mistress, horse and wife
Benjamin CookeEpitaph on a dormouse [Pro Cantione Antiqua]
Thomas WarrenCountry sports
Lord MorningtonSee, see the bowl sparkles
Samuel Webbe (Snr)When winds breathe soft [The Scholars]
Henry PurcellTom making a manteau [The City Waites]
John Wall CalcottO snatch me swift (excerpt) [The Scholars]
attrib. William ByrdHey ho, to the greenwood
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