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"This account was on a server whose disk crashed on 2009/01/31. The documents have been lost but can be uploaded again. We plan to setup a backup process but as long as the site remains free, there will be no backup." [This was at least 7200 photos.]
2009/05/16: I have started re-creating the directories to hold my photos. I will not be using the year/month/day structure I had before because it was too hard to find the parent directories when adding new daily directories. (They were not listed in any coherent order on the selection menu.)
2009/05/17: I have re-uploaded 1649 digicam photos from 2002 (Casio QV-3500EX).
2009/05/21: I have written a script for automating FTP uploads into 100MB batches.
2009/05/25: I have re-uploaded 1620 digicam photos from 2003 (Casio QV-3500EX).
2009/06/06: I have added year-level subdirectories.
2009/06/07: I have re-uploaded 1399 digicam photos from 2004 (Casio QV-3500EX until Dec 31).
                    I have tagged the directories for 2002, 2003, and 2004.
2009/06/22: I have re-uploaded 1156 digicam photos from 2005 (Canon S1 IS).
2009/06/27: I have tagged the 2005 directories.
                    I have created empty directories for 2006, 2007, and 2008/01.
                    I have re-uploaded 643 digicam photos from 2006 (Canon S1 IS) and tagged the directories.
                    I have re-uploaded 681 digicam photos from 2007 (502 Canon S1 IS Jan-Sep; 179 Panasonic DMC-FZ18 Nov/Dec) and tagged the directories.
2009/07/06: I have re-uploaded 2008 and tagged its directories, but not rotated portrait shots.
2009/07/18: Finished rotating 2008 portrait shots.
2009/08/15: Created directories for 2009 photos. Uploaded and rotated 1237 photos for 2009 to date.
"WARNING: unfortunately this account was on a server whose disk crashed on 2011/08/04. Your documents have been lost but you can upload them again. We plan to setup a backup process but as long as the site remains free, there will be no backup."
This is the 2nd time this site has lost all the photos I put here. I'm not giving them a 3rd chance. It takes too long to upload them all and I don't want to see my time wasted. Again.
To my Pennsic friends who were hoping to find photos, you should also have my email address so drop me a line. Sorry.
I have many links into Atpic from my blog to add photos there. All that's broken too now.
2011/08/18: Pennsic friends, I will probably go ahead and upload this summer's photos here for you.
2011/08/18: I'm going to be hosting my photos myself in the space the comes with my ISP account. It's not as much space, so there will be far less on line. I may use BBGallery, but would like to hear any recommendations of album-generation/maintenance software (Linux).
2012/08/20: At some point Comcast increased the personal web-page space to 10GB x 7 accounts (a pool of 70GB would be even nicer), which (for now) is plenty of space for hosting my photos. I am using Lazygal lazygal to generate galleries.
2012/08/22: My photos from 2011 and 2012 are on line in my own web space now. Going back to 2002 is a long-term project.
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